About Us

A mini-me is a smaller or younger version of another person. We often view the facial expressions, behaviors and mannerisms of our children and see ourselves. Mini-Me Hair Salon for Kids was created to provide parents and children with a warm, friendly, fun haircut experience in an environment that still allows children to be themselves.

Have you experienced the dreadful “first haircut” or a not-so favorable experience when you take your child into a salon and they are wiggly, a little loud and you feel like everyone at the salon is looking at you? Having experienced unfavorable services at a local hair salon for my children, it became apparent there was a real need for a child friendly salon in our community. After researching theme ideas, services to offer, what to call the salon and the invaluable input from actual children, we moved towards the “Mini-Me Hair Salon” concept.

Our Salon

We love the end result of the shops build out with a full series of vibrant colored, airbrushed murals that attracts and keeps the children’s attention. Boredom is non-existent here with one mural after another as conversation starters. Children come up with the dandiest ideas and sayings and we are always entertained by the imaginations of our customers.

There is a play house and play area for the kids to socialize while they are waiting to take a ride in our interactive chairs fashioned after unique car designs. Is your child into electronics? We also offer Kindles and Leap Pads for children who would prefer to be entertained outside of a group environment. Our goal is for each child to have an enjoyable haircut experience.

Our Staff

We have your Mini Me’s wellbeing in mind, each staff member, stylist, and playroom attendant goes through a thorough background check to ensure the persons around your children are there to help keep them safe.

Our services are not limited to the Mini Me’s we find so dear, we also offer a variety of services for their parents too. Please see our services page for details.